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Invisalign Do's and Don't


- Wear Aligners 24/7 ( Including Nights ) except for eating , brushing , flossing & swimming 

- You can drink with Aligners ON 

- Expect an increase of Saliva & speech in the first week 

- Aligners will fit tightly during the first 2 days then loosen during the 2 week period 

- Remove the Aligner by pulling off one side of your back teeth with both hands and keep pulling them off 

- Place your Aligners in the case we provide any time they are not being worn 

- Wear each set of Aligners for TWO weeks 

- Wear Aligners in the correct numerical order ( Each Aligner is labeled by number and with a U or L to designate upper or lower ) 

- Keep one Aligner as a back up in case you lose the correct Aligner 

- Keep it away from any pets at home . We recommend placing the Aligners in the provided box at a higher place 

- Clean once a day preferably in the morning with hand wash soap & toothbrush ( provided to you ) 

- If you lose the Aligners , please call the office right away 


- Don't eat with the Aligners On

- Don't place the Aligners in a napkin tissue at any time . Many Aligners have accidentally been thrown out this way 

- Don't use your teeth to "bite " your aligners into place

- If you have pets , don't place your aligners anywhere that your pets can reach them 

- Do not use denture cleaner , alcohol or bleach to clean the aligners 

- Do not use boiling water or warm water on the aligners 

- Don't chew gum with your aligners on 

- Don't smoke with aligners On 


- If you lose the attachment that helps the aligner snap on , don't get panik , we can always fix it at your next appointment 

- If you lose one of your aligner trays , please wear the previous saved aligner and call the office right away 

- Any over the counter medication is recommended for temporary soreness of the teeth 

Keep Smiling!

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