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Where Are Your Tongue & Teeth ??

Like you park your car at a designated spot, the same way Tongue should be parked at a designated spot.. On The Palate All The Time

  • If your Tongue is NOT parked on the palate .. It is parked in the floor of the mouth

  • If your Tongue is parked in the floor of the mouth .. Most likely It is tight .. Tight Tongue has a tendency to collapse back & blocks the Airway when you lay down to sleep

  • Snoring / Sleep Apnea Happens

Do The Following Every Hour Of The Day:

1.. Sit up straight with chest open up

2 … Lips closed without any strain

3 … Deep Belly breathing through the Nose 12-15 times a min

  1. . Tongue on the Palate

  2. . Check Your Upper & Lower Teeth

  • Touching each other or apart

  • Upper & Lower teeth should be apart all the time

  • Teeth Should Touch Only During Swallowing

  • Teeth don't touch even during eating because food comes in between the teeth

It You Want A Healthy Sleep, Check The Position Of Your Tongue & Teeth Every Hour Of The Day

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