Dentists typically have the answer when it comes to chronic snoring. Why, you ask? Because what people don’t know is that the root cause of your snoring is often an oral issue – like a smaller than average jaw, or large tonsils. Don’t worry though! We offer a selection of snore therapy options that can be the best solution for getting a good night’s sleep.

We mentioned a couple of issues that might be causing your snoring, but the underlying reason can sometimes be more serious, like obstructive sleep apnea. This is a common sleep disorder that can cause other health conditions, if left untreated.

If chronic snoring is keeping you from getting proper rest, it’s likely that you have a blocked airway. This also limits the amount of oxygen flowing to your brain and body. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s important to get checked out.


Our snore therapy solutions include oral appliances, which can open your airway and reduce snoring during sleeping. In some cases, custom-fitted oral appliances can be more effective than CPAP machines.

This is the most advanced and unique therapy for snoring. All tissue laser Solea is used to provide the laser therapy that only takes about 15 min of your total time for immediate improvement of snoring. This treatment is painless and easy with no down time after the treatment.

MADs are very similar to orthodontic retainers, or a sports mouthguard. They snap onto your upper and lower teeth, pushing the jaw and tongue forward. This stops your airway from collapsing during sleep.

Just like it sounds, tongue retainers hold the tongue down and in a forward position, so they don’t fall back toward your throat.

  • Relieves pressure on your lungs & heart

  • Opens your airway

  • Stops dental grinding

  • Alleviates headaches from snoring

  • Gives you a more restful sleep

What is Solea® Sleep?

Solea® Sleep improves your quality of sleep by gently tightening tissue in your soft palate and reducing vibrations that cause you to snore. Unlike surgical procedures that require long and painful recoveries, Solea Sleep is a quick, comfortable, non-surgical procedure that is completed in a single visit. Enjoy rapid relief from snoring for you and your partner.

Step 1: Snorelab

SnoreLab is an app that records your snoring so you don’t just have to take your partner’s word for it! SnoreLab has helped millions of people to better understand their snoring problem and discover solutions to improve their sleep. After the Solea sleep procedure, you can track the difference in your snoring score. Many of our patients have reported better sleep, improved breathing, and wake up feeling more rested. Their partners have, of course, reported sleeping better as well.

Step 2: Schedule

Ready for immediate relief from snoring, better sleep, a healthier life, and a happier bedmate? Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized? Schedule today and sleep better tonight after your Solea Sleep treatment.

Step 3: Rest Easier

After just one treatment, you’ll experience incredible results…immediate relief from snoring, improved sleep and health, and happier bed partners. Hear what happy Solea Sleep patients are saying about their results.

Solea Sleep and Omaha Laser Dentistry

Dr. Anthony Bolamperti of Omaha Laser Dentistry helped pioneer Solea Sleep, and currently is a primary trainer for dentists around the country on how to properly execute the Solea Sleep procedure. Dr. Bolamperti also serves as an adjunct professor at the Creighton Medical School of Dentistry, and is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and Academy of Laser Dentistry, as well as the American Dental Association, Nebraska Dental Association and Omaha Dental District Society.

Image by Alexandra Gorn