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Invisalign is the most popular Orthodontic treatment available to straighten the teeth

Invisalign offers important advantages over Traditional Metal Braces, like:

  • Cosmetics: No Brackets .. No Wires .. Invisalign Aligners are hardly detectable by others, allowing you to smile with confidence while wearing them

  • No Diet changes: You can eat whatever you like during your Invisalign treatment

  • Same Time Line: It takes the same time to get a straighter smile as with traditional metal braces

  • Same Cost: Invisalign cost the same as Traditional Metal Braces

  • Easy to clean: All you need is a toothbrush, clear soap, and little warm water to clean your Aligners

  • No Irritation / No Pain: Unlike traditional braces that rub against your lips and cheeks, Invisalign is smooth, so there is no irritation to your soft tissues, offering a much more comfortable straightening experience.

  • Fewer Visits: With Invisalign, your scheduled appointments will be fewer and quicker as compared to Metal Braces!

  • A series of custom-made clear Aligners that goes over your teeth & gently move them into the desired position over time

  • There are no Metal brackets or wires so they are less noticeable

  • You need to wear Invisalign Aligners 22 hours a day .. Need to take them Off while eating & brushing ONLY .. You can drink anything

  • Invisalign is for every age .. Above Age 2 , every body can have it 

  • Whether you are a Parent looking for Orthodontic treatment for your kids , or an Adult who has put off treatment for years, Invisalign is the Best Choice to get the Perfect Smile you always wanted

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