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Dental Sleep Appliances Do Work

  • Fortunately, there are CPAP Alternatives to get the restful sleep we need each night

  • At SleepWell Doctor, We treat Sleep Apnea with 2 ways

  1. Custom fabricated Oral Appliance with 100% accuracy provided by Pharyngometer without any need for titration

  2. 5 min Painless Soft Palate tightening with Laser Treatment

  • By slightly shifting your lower jaw upward & forward, this comfortable custom Oral Appliance helps to maintain an open airway that does not become blocked by the Tongue or other soft tissues in your throat

  • We always ensure that your Appliance fits correctly when you first receive it, and then follow up every 3 months

  • Contact SleepWell Doctor @ 475-282-4551 or 203-469-5644 to schedule your consultation

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