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Narrow Airway & Sleep Apnea

I had a 4 year old kid in for a Snoring consultation 

•      Mouth Breather since birth  

•      Restless sleep with tossing & turning in bed all night along 

•      Strong Gag reflux due to Upper & Lower Narrow arches so eating hard food is a BIG challenge 

•      Can’t swallow a pill through the mouth , uses Anal route 

•      Since birth , he has experienced frequent Ear / Throat Infections, Congestions, Allergies, Eczema , Asthma, and Headaches 

•      Mouth breathing is harmful for the growth & development of kids  

•      Compromised immunity due to continued sleep degradation 

•      The kid has seen the pediatrician very frequently 

•      The Pediatrician was excellent at offering a steady flow of Antibiotics & Nebulizers & telling the parent that the kid will GROW out of it , In fact the kid is GROWING into it  

•      The parent was never informed about the root cause of the problem ie Tongue Tie & Narrow AIRWAYS

•      An ENT suggested ear tubes be placed to drain the ears & removal of the tonsils & adenoids 

•      The kid was referred to our office by a friend of the parent for evaluation 

•      On Evaluation , Tongue tie , High Palate , Mouth breathing , Swollen Tonsils & Adenoids were detected 

•      Suggested Myofunctional Therapy ( MFT ) , Tongue Tie Release , Healthy Start Appliance , to address the root cause of these issues 

•      MFT is beneficial at all ages , with children being prime in growth & behavior modification seeing more rapid results

•      MFT uses exercises to strengthen the Facial , Tongue And Throat muscles 

•      Nasal breathing is a critical component to our existence 

•      Every Improper & Inadequate breath impact our Oral Development , Airway Structure ,  Mental Health, Sleep , Digestion , & Blood Pressure  

•      At the same time , MFT is NOT a cure for everything  

•      People who suffer from genetic disorders, sleep apnea , major speech issues would not benefit or physically must mouth breathe 

•      Dental appliances , Tongue Tie Release ( if present ) , Diet modification are the other major associations that amplify the impact of MFT 

•      Dairy & Gluten are major inflammatory foods that must be eliminated entirely 

•      The Parent told me that when the kid is sick in the morning , she give over – the - counter medication & pray he could make it through the school day without getting sent home by the nurse , or she has to take a day off from work to stay with the kid , and get to the doctor’s office during daytime hours 

•      Let’s not even get into how miserable a sick kid will make her

There Is Definitely An Airway Connection To The Sleep, Breathing , Frequent Congestions , Ear And Throat Infections , And ADHD Problems 

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