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  • As an Airway Orthodontist with Connecticut dental health partnership for Husky health, Dr. Arora believes he has a great opportunity to improve patients' appearance, self-esteem as well as Airway 

  • Dr Arora became passionate about helping people suffering from Sleep Apnea five years ago when he had his own battle with sleep apnea. He learned how destructive it is to the quality of life

  • It was interfering not only with his own sleep but also with his wife’s sleep

  • He was given a medically approved oral appliance. His interest in treating dental sleep medicine was piqued when the oral device successfully alleviated his own sleep apnea symptoms. He said, "When I realized how valuable this small appliance can be, I made my life mission improving and saving lives. Nothing can top the feeling of truly saving lives

  • He devoted his time and effort spreading awareness of sleep breathing disorders and curing other people who are suffering from this serious disease

  • The first patient Dr. Arora treated for sleep apnea was a 39-year-old male whose wife was sleeping in a different bedroom because she could not tolerate his loud snoring.  After successful treatment his wife hugged Dr. Arora and said, "You have literally saved our marriage.”

  • Dr Arora started treated kids age 2- 17 with Healthy Start Growth Appliances with great success 

  • A Doctor could not expect any greater reward

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Image by Sam 🐷
  • American Dental Association

  • Connecticut State Dental Association

  • Academy Of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines

  • American Academy Of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM)

  • American Sleep And Breathing Academy

  • American Sleep Apnea Association

  • American Laser Dentistry

  • D.D.S from NYU College of Dentistry 2005

  • Maxi Residency Implants NYU College of Dentistry 

  • Implant Certificate from Q Implants 

  • Implant Certificate from HiOssen Implants 

  • 2 year Orthodontic Certificate from POS 

  • Master Series Lingual Orthodontics certification

  • Healthy Start Certificate 

  • Sleep Apnea Certificate from Sleep Group Solutions 

  • Sleep Apnea & TMJ Certification from Jamison Spencer 

  • Tongue Tie Certifications from Drs Kotlow & Raven Baxter  

  • Mini Residency in Sleep disordered breathing in Children from Tufts university 

  • Mini Residency in Orofacial Pain & Beyond from Rutgers University 

  • Mini Residency in TMJ and Orofacial Pain from University of Kentucky 

  • Pediatric Symposium from American Laser Dentistry

  • Dr. Arora pursues continuing education courses to keep up with advances in TMJ & Sleep Apnea in Infants, Teens & Adults

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