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Is your Kid breathing properly?

Does your Kid sleep with mouth open at Night?

Does your Child snore at Night?

Does your Kid Grind their teeth at Night?

Does your Kid feel sleepy during the Day?

Gagging/Choking or vomiting foods

Colicky/Gassy Infants

Slow/Messy Eater

Slow Weight Gain

Kid Failing to Thrive

  • Associated with a high risk for severe medical health problems, such as learning and behavioral problems, severe Sinus issues, Heart problems, impaired growth & failure to thrive.

  • Mouth breathing causes constriction of the Airways

  • Less Oxygen going to the Brain

  • Dryness of mouth in morning

  • Higher Risk of getting decays due to lack of saliva

  • Child snores / heavy breathing at Night

  • Child grinds his / her teeth at Night

  • Child moves a lot during sleep

  • Child feels sleepy during the Day

  • Child starts showing behavior issues

  • Child starts showing ADHD symptoms

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