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Weight Gain and Sleep Apnea

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Sleep apnea sufferers may experience unexplained weight gain There are 2 reasons for that

1. Too Tired To Exercise 2. Hormonal Imbalances First is Too Tired To Exercise

  • Poor quality sleep can leave you with low energy and little motivation for a morning Gym class

  • If you move less & less because you are constantly tired, chances are that the pounds will start adding up

Second Is Hormonal Imbalance

  • If you are not getting good quality of sleep at night, the hormone levels that control hunger can become imbalanced

  • You may feel you need to eat more because of this hormone imbalance

  • Often, when people are tired, they reach for sweet snacks to help give them energy — foods that are filled with empty calories

  • A desire to eat more calories paired with a lack of energy to exercise results in OBESITY

  • If you have questions or concerns about sleep disorders and how they may be affecting your quality of life, please call us for evaluation

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