Meet Dr. Christina Kilduff

Born in Budapest, Hungary, lived in Freiburg Germany and relocated to United States in 1981. Dr. Kilduff graduated from University of Connecticut with bachelor's degree in psychology. Then in 2001 she graduated from New York University with a Dental Hygiene degree, honored by Sigma Phi Alpha.

Continuing her education, Dr. Kilduff graduated from New York University, College of Dentistry in 2006 earning a DDS degree and completed an intensive, one-year residency program at Lincoln Medical Hospital in Bronx, NY in 2007. Dr. Kilduff’s career has been exclusively devoted to patients in private practice in New York State and now in Connecticut.

Her continuing education includes work with Dr. Andrea Kiss DDS in Breisach, Germany, Dr. Michael Sonick seminars with Fairfield County Dental Society, New York State Dental Association, and Connecticut State Dental Association.

Dr. Kilduff approaches Dentistry as an art, using her skill and knowledge to transform a person’s smile for the better. She offers quality treatment with gentle care, sympathy, and a level of understanding of the patient's dental needs. When not practicing Dentistry, Dr. Kilduff and her husband enjoy traveling, reading, music, art, sports and most of all spending time with two healthy, dynamic little boys all four seasons of the year.

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